We live to fight nature! Human nature, that is. We do love the great outdoors: giant redwoods, albatrosses, whales, snails and platypuses. But next time you blame yourself for skipped a run, gym session, walk in the park or simply not leaving that sofa do take a pause — the culprit is not your lack of motivation, but the speed of human evolution.

Nature built us for different times — the times of hardship and famine where frivolous spending of energy would endanger survival of us as a species. And we still behave like we live in those times. Nature even created a special mechanism to make us do what it wants — in behavioural economics it is called Present Bias. It’s the reason we'd rather procrastinate or have another mince pie and watch TV instead of going for a walk. Sweatcoin counters this will of human nature and makes you fit in the times of plenty with Instant Gratification that makes Present Bias work for you. In other words, you get paid to exercise!

Fight human nature! Evolve faster!

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