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Borneo Expedition


A truly Nomadic journey through the deep Jungles of Borneo. Paid with Sweatcoins!


Your expedition Jungle Experts will guide you through simply jaw dropping triple canopy forest, you will be making camp early afternoon each day after 5-8km of cross grain trekking. The places you will visit simply do not see other human traffic, this is one of the world's very few remaining wildernesses!

Location- The island of Borneo is home to the oldest jungle in the world, a primordial forest that was already 134 million years old when the first apes in Africa began to experiment with walking upright. This ancient environment is one of the most extreme places in the world, where sleeping off the ground is an essential element of survival.

This offer gives one lucky Sweatcoin user a 100% discount off the trip.


Explore the details of the trip and tantalize your inner explorer at: http://bit.ly/BorneoJungle

Redemption process

  • Purchase the offer to receive your voucher code.
  • Visit http://bit.ly/BorneoJungle to book your trip.
  • Enter the voucher code during checkout to complete payment in Sweatcoins.
  • Enjoy your trip!
  • Note: This offer covers the full price of the trip excluding flight to and from Borneo.